laungpu yeam


Laungpu Yeam  Thanayuttoh


    Laungpu Yeam Tha Na Yut Toh or previouse name was Yeam Dejmak. He was born on 5th January 1915 at Dontum, Nakornpathom province. He is from farmer family. Parents name Mr.Yam and Mrs.Wongse Dejmak.

    Laungpu Yeam obtaines as a monk on 17th May 1938 at Wat Sam Ngam, Nakornpathom province. He is a deciple of Laungpo Tay who was very good at making Kumarnthong.

    After obtaines as a monk Laungpu Yeam always practice and follow Laungpo Tay”s Script for doing Kumarnthong therefore, Kumarnthong chanted by Laungpo Tay or chanted by Laungpu Yeam are also powerful; very good for doing business, wealth and luck.


Laungpu Yeam Thanayuttoh

Interesting pieces

Kumarnthon Batch Heng Heng Year 2010

Kumarnthong Bat Chao Sap Year 2553

Rian Oval Shape Handwriting Yant Year 2010

Bitternut Chewed by Laungpu Yem

Kumarnthong 3”

Batch Heng Heng 

4,000 baht


Kumarnthong 3”

Batch Chao Sap

2,200 baht


Rian Oval Shape

Handwriting yant

Copper 800 baht