Laungpo Ong


Laungpu Ong Thitathammo


    Laungpu Ong was born on 24th June 1928 in Takarnpuenphol district, Ubonratchathani Province. He started to interested in script when he was 6 years old, he obtained when he was 20 years old and Launpu Tone KanTa Sri Lo is the monk who shaved Laungpu Ong’s hair at that time.  He started Tu Dong afterwards, and come back to his hometown every 4 years. Once the ex-abbot Pra Kam Ma Than Pang passed away in year 1966 Laungpu Ong still go out for TuDong.

    Laungpu Ong is studies the Somdej Loon’s script who can make Re Lek Lai Kai Ya Sith Pun Kam and have a lot of miracles. Normally,for Rae Lek Lai Laungp Ong has to make at Tham Pu Ma Rong in Laos.    

    Laungpu Ong came back to Wat Thep Singharn again in  2004 and the head of the monk in this province offered him to be the new abbot so that taking care the temple and help people to renovate the temple as well therefore he is the abbot up to the present.


Laungpu Ong Thitathammo

interesting pieces

Rae Lek Lai Kai Ya Sith Pun Kam

Somdej Rae Lek Lai Mixed with Warn

Pidta Rae Lek Lai mixed with metal

Nangpraya Rae Lek Lai

Pra Kring 1st Batch

Rae Lak Lai Gai Ya Sith Pun Kam 1,500 Baht per Piece


Meedmor Nampee Year 2010

800 Baht per Piece : Sold out

Metta Oil 400 baht per Bottle


Nangpraya Made of Rae Lak Lai       

3,000 Baht per Piece

Rian Silver 1,000 Baht : Sold out

Copper 150 Baht


Powder Mixed with Jindamaee Pill      150 Baht


Rooplor Laungpu Ong

Material Brass Mixed with Baat Cover Underneath Put Gemstone        

499 Baht


PraKring Sadungkrab

Nawa 800 Baht

Copper 300 Baht


Pra Sangkajai 7.9”

4,000 Bhat


Pra Siwalee

Silver 500 Baht

Copper 200 Baht


Laungpu Ong Thitathammo is chanting for Pra Sangkajai 7.9” and his other amulet, including writnig yant on lizards and python spurs.