Laungpo Jom


Laungpu Jom



Prakru Arthorndhammawinai

Laungpu Jom Nakaseyno

Wat Ban Don Du, Amnajcharoen Province

    Laungpu Jom Nakaseyno was born on 7th October 1919 at Tambon Nampleak, Mueang District, Amnajcharoen Province. He respects in Dhammayoot for meditation and Tu Dong so that he obtained when he was 37 years old. He goes for Tu Dong and do the meditation afterwards, visited many dhammayoot monk to follow there descrition such as Laungpu Mun Puruthatoh, Laung Keao Analayo, laungpu wean Sujinno. Laungpu Jom received the LONG LIVE Katha from Laungpu  General Laung Sri at Sakonnakorn when he went to Tu Dong.

    Laungpu Jom Nakaseyno returned to Wat Pu Jampa, Tambon Nayom, Mueng District, Amnajcharoen Province in 1990 and the Chief monk of Amnajcharoen Province invited Laungpu Jom taking care Wat Pa Phothisomporn in 2004. After that the Wat Pa Phothisomporn changed name to Wat Pa Ban DonDun because located in Don Du Village.


Laungpu Jom Nakaseyno

interesting pieces

takrut phaya mai ta lu prong

Takrut Setthi nawakothi

takrut koo chewit

takrut king naresuan the great

rian oval shape batch charoenporn year 2553

rian turtle shape   batch charoenporn year 2553

Rue Sri 9” Clay and Warn Mixed with Prathat

Color Painted 4,500 Baht

Plain Color 3,500 Baht

Rian Oval Shape

Batch Charoenporn

Silver 2,000 Baht

Nawa 500 Baht

3 Colors Plated on Copper 300 Baht

Lead 200 Baht

Copper 100 Baht


Rain Turtle Shape Batch Charoenporn
Silver 2,000 Baht, Nawa 500 Baht, 3 Colors Plated on Copper 300 Baht, Lead 200 Baht, Copper 100 Baht


Ceremony for Main Hall at Wat Ban Don Du
0n 8th-11th February 2011


Nimitr Ball in the Main Hall


Arjarn Wan Thanapalo From Wat Saphansoong also joined this ceremony.