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Our current collection features amulet and statue (boocha) from

Laungpu Jom Nakaseyno,
Wat Pa Ban Don Do, Amnajcharoen Province.
This  92 years old monk specializing in Metta and Long Live Katha.
A disciple of Laungpu Mun Purithattoh.
Donation for building the Main Hall and renovating the Temple Wall.
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We also have amulet and statue from
Laungpu Ong Thitadhammo,
Wat Singharn, Ubonratchathani Province.
This 83 year-old monk is a disciple of Somdej Loon line.
Master are Somdej Loon - Somdej Tan -Laungpu Rith - Laungpu Tone Kanthasiro and Prakammathan Pang Chanthasaro. Laungpu Ong has a lot of miracles such as disappear from one place to another place, pray lead to be silver, pray for making Rae Lek Lai Kai Ya Sith Pun Kam which are sacred same as Lek Lai. Only Laungpu Ong can do it. He love to Thu Dong. Recomendation for his amulets are Rae Lek Lai Kai Ya Sith Pun Kam, Nangpraya Rae Lek Lai, Pidta, Prakring and 9 tail-lizard for wealth. Donation for building Rong Aharn and renovating the Main Hall.
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Additionally we feature
Laungpu Yeam Thanayuttoh,
Wat Sam Ngam, Nakornpathom Province,
disciple of Laungpo Tay, who has a script for making Kumanthong. For his Kumarnthong is very good for wealth, luck an protection. Donation for building the hospital.
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We have more than 100,000 pieces of amulet including statue (boocha) , moreover we can take orders on requested for other collections not see here.

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A family business with 37 years specialising  in supplying Thai buddha amulets, statues and charms. All our amulets are made and blessed by monks in Thailand.
We sell and rent to a worldwide Buddhist community,  We post daily to Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, U.S.A. and worldwide.
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